Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Traveling GFCF With Children

Traveling with children that have special dietary restrictions can be a little tricky to say the least. As much as we have flown over the past two years you would think we would be pro’s by now but every airport is different when it comes to safety precautions. Heck every TSA agent is different in their approach to security rules.     
First and foremost obtain a Rx from your doctor stating that your  child has dietary restrictions. “That they are unable to consume any processed foods, food and drinks provided by the airlines (LOL) or airports. That they will become seriously ILL." By having this Rx most TSA agents understand. They will take you aside and go through your food items one by one. DON”T panic! One agent scared me at first when he said the hummus would need to stay. I replied that Sarah Elizabeth is a vegetarian and would have nothing to eat. He replied he was too and loved hummus! Just be friendly and keep it light. In WV they tested my Almond Milk. After the cooler was repacked the TSA agent asked if we needed help to get to our gate. That's never happened!
When we fly I take a large soft pack cooler. I always pack baby food for Joseph to take his medication. Next is a jar of peanut butter and bread (Udi or Kinnickinick). Snacks are fruit leathers, pirate booty, sweet potato chips, hummus and carrots. I did get a bit of a hard time justifying the almond milk brought back because it did not fit the 3-1-1 rule. But they understood it would spill easy, hence the carton. 
It is a good thing I pack as I do. On our recent journey we became stranded in Detroit.  We no sooner got off our plane from WV and our connector to Seattle was cancelled. We were give a motel and food vouchers. Luckily there was something at the motel restaurant for them to eat. Our 3 hours at the airport to get a new flight schedule and 5 hour flight though was different. Needless to say the cooler was pretty much empty upon arrival in Seattle!    
This is Part 1 of 2 on traveling GFCF.

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