Monday, August 16, 2010

UDI Bread update

I have been pestering the snot out of Nate, our QFC store manager about carrying UDI bread. I think he cringes every time he sees me! But bless his heart, he has been doing his investigating. For weeks I have been getting up dates on how he is tracking this person or that person.

Well readers I am happy to report that as of today (fingers crossed) my Mountlake Terrace QFC will begin carrying UDI bread! It will not officially be on the shelves for another week or maybe two BUT, I am sooooooo excited. It will be so nice to "run down" to the store for eggs, milk (almond and coconut) and now bread!

Yes it would still be cheaper to buy it by the case but if can save that much on gas I think it all works out!
  If you local grocer does not carry UDI Bread fear not! Contact your local manager and get started pestering. Maybe soon you too will be able to run out for bread. :0)

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