My all purpose flour recipe

The following is my stand by all purpose flour recipe. I use this to make muffins, pancakes and anything else that calls for all purpose flour when following a wheat recipe or gluten free recipe.

I always have a big pickle jar  (18C) of this made up in advance on my baker's rack. Makes for easy and quick meals and treats. : )

2 C white flour
2/3 c potato starch flour
1/3 tapioca flour

I use a large plastic bin to mix my flour. I then sift the flour as I add it to the jar.

I usually have 18 C of this on my shelf. By the end of the month it is time to go bake to manna natural market. I purchase my flour in bulk to save money. I am all about saving money $$

To make 9 c
6 c white rice flour
2 c potato
1 c tapioca

** PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT SUBSTITUTE potato flour for potato starch. Potato flour is yellowish in color. This flour is a thirst sucker and can ruin a recipe in the second it takes to realize, OOPS!

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