Friday, April 29, 2011


I had a lovely menu planned for the day. Did you notice I said "had". This winter has about done me in health wise.We all have been coughing our brains out for weeks but Easter week-end was over the top. All in all I spent 5 days, count them...5 days in bed. We missed egg hunting and Church.

It took me forever to start desert and get the ham in the oven. After that I was poke me with a fork I am DONE. Girls to the rescue! Sarah Elizabeth divided up the menu and they got to work. Emily made an awesome pasta salad. Sarah made the fruit salad and cooked the asparagus. Emily sliced and diced potatoes while Sarah made the cheese sauce. Sarah made homemade butter creme icing and decorated the cup cakes. The table was set, the dishes kept up and there were even fresh flowers. (Thank you by the way condo association!)

Thank you girls for making Easter special. I love you very much <3
What a loverly ham.
I was reminded by a dear friend that if I had not gotten sick I would have been stuck cooking the whole meal by myself, been exhausted and not been able to enjoy dinner as I had with girls in charge. Nor would the girls have the memory of cooking Easter dinner. ~thanks Julie
 You can find my pasta salad here.

May your table always be bountiful~