Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cheese please!

Our youngest daughter has been mourning the loss of mac and cheese since we have become a GFCF family. When we grocery shopped she wistfully would ask for mac and cheese. Recently while shopping at PCC Emily's wish came true! I found a new GFCF cheese made by daiya foods. There in the dairy case was Parmesan and mozzarella cheese. With great in trepidation I purchased both styles of cheese. Emily could hardly wait to get home and crack open the bag.

First we made pizza. When I opened the bag the texture was unusual as was the smell. I said a small prayer and placed it on the children's pizza. In the back of my mind I reminded myself I had more pizza crust waiting in the fridge if this turned out gross! The pizza turned out good. The cheese melted and the kids said it tasted good. Score!

Tonight macaroni and cheese was on the menu. Once again I turned to Bette Hagman for a recipe. I was bit concerned because it took longer than usual for the cheese to melt and the sauce to thicken. Joseph and Emily were so excited to have mac and cheese! It was good. The kids scarfed it down asking for more. I was so excited!

It is sucha joy to be able to provide good tasting food for my family. I try to read every GFCF cookbook I can get my hands on from the library. The one consistent thing I have read is how limited, icky the breads are and trying to convert recipes to taste OK. We tried this diet before several years ago and saw growth in language and behavior with our son. But quite frankly the food was expensive. I thought in order to make it work I need to use the package foods because our resources were limited and I did not have the time I thought to scratch cook.

 When I decided to have our son and youngest daughter GFCF I understood the only way to make it work this time was a complete immersion of our family. With HUGE encouragement from our oldest daughter I took the plunge. I am so glad I did. The youngest daughter's GI issues are diminishing and we are seeing good stuff with the the little guy. So if your new to GFCF living have hope! Baby steps~ one dish at a time.

Enjoy~ blair

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