Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Croissants~ tasters wanted

Just the other day Sarah Elizabeth said out of the blue, "croissants". Golly I would love to have one.

Last night I found on Gobsmacked Gluten-Free a recipe for croissants. I cannot wait to try them. I usually post a recipe after I have tried it as well as played with it till I feel comfortable to share. This time it is a bit different. I did not want to wait!

First I am out of flour and need to make a run to Manna Mills. Joseph is sick with something viral and Sarah Elizabeth is pretty sick. Tonsils again. I cannot make these with out my official tester. So dear reader it is your turn to be the tester! I will revisit this recipe after Sarah Elizabeth is feeling better. You on the other hand go ahead and make some croissants. Looking forward to hearing from you. :0)

Happy eating!

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