Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daiya Cheese has a new flavor: pepper jack

The new Daiya pepper jack flavor is a hit at our house. Emily loves it. She did share that it is spicy but that is OK.

I made mac and cheese mixing the pepper jack and mozzarella. Home run, out of the park hit!! I love it when I make my family happy. I am so thankful that the GFCF food choices and exploded with options.  I am looking forward to making grilled cheese sammies, nacho's, quasadilla's, and a host of other dishes that call for cheese.

I am sharing a previous post that has my macaroni and cheese recipe. You will find my link here.

May your table be bountiful~Blair

PCC has discontinued this product...Boo Hiss! However, Manna Mills has started carrying it. Hurray!

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