Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So many NEW products!

Breakfast will never be the same at our house. First came gf rice and corn chex, now there is.....wait for fair music...Rice Crispies!! Sound of crowd cheering.... OK,  it is just my kids but what the heck!
Do you know what this means? It will take my baking to new heights! Rice Crispy treats, ranger cookies, cheese crisps, oh the list is endless!

Hold onto your apron strings Udi has introduced more new products!
With the 4th of July week-end upon us grilling has been taken to a new level. Introducing hamburger and hot dog buns! These are wonderful. They hold their shape like a gluten product. They do not fall apart after you have added fixin's unless you over load them. My girlfriends daughter ate one not knowing it was gf and loved it. To quote her she said "shut up! No way." Teens gotta love them. No really, you do. Whether you like it or not you do.:0)

I am a HUGE fan of Bob's Red Mill pizza crust and brownies. Bob is adding 2 new products a yellow cake mix and a shortbread cookie mix. Now I must be honest with you and say that I have been very hesitant to use many of his products because of the bitter after taste. I have found it in his baking mix, corn bread and crust specifically. But I am really looking forward to trying these 2 new products. We really like Betty Crocker cake and brownie mixes. But it is always nice to venture into new territory!  There are a slew of other new products hitting your grocer shelves. Let me know what you find!
May your table be bountiful!

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