Friday, June 3, 2011

Banana Bread Pancakes and Congratulation to us we are now one of those weird families! now!

We have been following the GF/CF diet for nearly a year. We have been so blessed that we have rarely had an infraction. When it does happen we can tell. The boy gets agressive and the youngest daughter has umm, GI issues.
The reason I mention this is that I purchased rice flour from Fred Myers rather than Manna Mill. Something I will never do again. I was short on time and thought since I was already there I might as well give it a try. Luckily I did not purchase very much so that I did not feel bad when I threw it away.
Back to Manna Mills the next day.

A friend of the youngest daughter spent the night. Bless her heart she never knows what she is eating at our house. Luckily she is an adventuresome person. At our house she had her first taste of humus, tofu, sprouts, almond milk, silk, and coconut ice cream to name of few. Writing that statement reminds me of my girlfriend Deena's recent blog entry.."We have become 'one of those families', organic eating, whole grains, and tofu. They were the ones who home schooled their kids, did not have TV and listened to NPR. In other words, hippies". We do have a TV, 3 to be exact. But otherwise we pretty much hit the mark I do not think of our selves as hippie, urbanistic parents, or anything else. I like to think I beat to my drum.

My older daughter has a friend spending the night tomorrow. Her friend mentioned that she was going to pack food to eat. When she asked her why, the friend responded that she does not eat the "weird foods that you eat"! :o) I am so excited that we have reached this ranking. Can I get a WHA-HOO?!

On Sunday we will be attending the Seattle Seattle Vegfest 2011. I think that I will go easy on the girl for breakfast! Banana Pancakes are on the menu, my kids favorites. I know that I have said this before but it really makes feel satisfied to know I am able to prepare food that make the kids tummies happy. :0)

This recipe is called Banana Bread Pancakes. Our youngest daughter named them. She said that they remind her of banana bread. I hope they make you breakfast table.

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