Friday, October 29, 2010

A month with-out Monsanto

     I do not usually post other articles but I felt this one warranted the share. I have mentioned one of the grocery stores I frequently shop is PCC. I received My month without Monsanto: My GM Free Experiment from their blog.

     The Monsanto article was very eye opening to say the least. I found it thought provoking, informative, and down right scary. I had no idea that to have my family GM Free I would need to make extremely drastic changes. I thought I was doing really well by making sure there were no processed foods served at our table. I try to buy organic and local as much as I can. But when I read that Monsanto pretty much has their fingers in the entire AG business seed packet I was appalled. How did this happen? Who let it happen?

          "70 to 80 percent of American non-organic processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients, according to the Grocery Manufacturers of America. A large percentage of the cotton in our clothes and homes begins in Monsanto’s labs." WOW! 
     April Dávila, states that "By day two of my attempt to remove Monsanto from my life, I realized I was in way over my head. For the past 10 years Monsanto has bought up seed companies around the globe. It now owns a majority of the seed lines in America, including a large percentage of organic seeds."
     But it does not stop there. Now I need to think about our clothing. I have been close minded about buying organic cottons. I always thought that was taking things a little bit too extreme. Please accept my apology if this offends anyone. Not my intention, just being truthful of my close mindedness. Now I completely understand and congratulate them for being so forethought on GM in our clothing. 
     I applaud Ms. Dávila in her attempt to keep Monsanto at bay. No wonder 1 out 133 people have celiac disease, being diagnosed at unprecedented rates of autism, and allergy diagnoses continues to rise at alarming rates.

     "Eat and buy local. Know where your food is coming from and who is growing it. Eat more vegetarian meals. Limit your amount of meat. Wear organic clothes." Good advice Ms. Davila, very good advice.
 PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This post is not singling Monsanto out as the cause for everything. I am not slandering Monsanto. Just perplexed at how tightly closed my eyes have been. 

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