Friday, July 9, 2010

Purely decandent

Hot weather = ice cream! Of course you do not need it to be hot to enjoy ice cream. But it is a good excuse to eat some:0)

The weather in Seattle is wonderful don't believe what you hear! Yes we get rain but Miami and NYC get more than us yearly. This year the weather has been weird to say the least. Seattle went over 250 days with out going over 70 degrees. It makes sense that most homes in Seattle do not have air conditioning so when it gets hot here it is really hot!On July 4th we watched the fireworks wrapped in blankets and coats. Three days later it is 95 degrees!

On a recent trip to PCC we found a new ice cream Purely Decadent . It is made with coconut milk. Can you say delicious? It truly is decadent. Our favorite is chocolate mint chip. I must tell you that I like this better than dairy ice cream. We have also tried the chocolate ice cream bars, as well as flavors vanilla, mango and cookie dough.

The youngest and the oldest were introduced to Turtle Mountain products when they sampled ice cream, yogurt and milk at vegfest. They loved it! Not only is the taste unbelievably awesome but as far as frozen treats go it is better for your body than most. Can that be possible? Yes! The Turtle Mountain coconut based product line is soy-gluten-casein free, low glycemic (sweetened with agave) and the fats are the healthy kind like found in avocado and bananas. Mmmm healthy ice cream.......

On your next shopping venture check out the freezer section. Purely Decadent is so good you will want to hide it in the back of your freezer and not share. :0)

Stay cool! ~blair

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Anonymous said...

Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream is the best! I also love the mint chip flavor, but they came out with Turtle Trails and Pomegranate Chip flavors, and now it's so hard to choose!