Sunday, May 2, 2010

Book Review

Rarely do I get as excited as I have for 125 Best Gluten Free Recipes by Donna Washburn and Heather Butt. We first began to read their book

I was a little intimidated. The authors introduce themselves as professional home economists, registered dietitian who have taught food theory and safety.They have published numerous cookbooks and worked in test kitchens for several companies including bread machines and yeast manufactures.

OK then, I thought to my self. I will just scan this cookbook. Most likely it will stay at the library. On the contrary!

When we started this gluten free diet I felt so lost so I limited myself to premade food, fruits and veggies. The cost alone was too big for our pocketbook, money got too tight and I dropped the diet. Don't get me wrong, our son showed great response from being on the diet! His language skills took off and even my mother in law noted the change!

I recently decided to revisit the GFCF diet but with a different approach. Now I am scratch cooking more and ready to invest in the flours and other items necessary to be gfcf. I see the need for not only our son but our youngest daughter as well. With all the dietary issues our family has, cooking for our family in the past was like cooking for a restraunt. Taking orders and personalizing each meal. I do not want to go back to cooking our meals restaurant style service. We all can benefit from eating gfcf, low carb and low sugar. I know I can make this work. I know I am going to stubble A LOT but here goes nothing.

The 125 Best GF Recipes has an awesome section called the GF bake Shop. Here the authors explain everything and anything you need to know about GF baking! I made copies of these pages and have now taped them to my cabinets. When in doubt I can now refer to them at a glance.

The bread and muffin recipes are so yummy! I must admit, I am anxious to try the pizza crust recipe. I absolutely LOVE Bob's Redmill GF pizza crust. As far as I am concerned it is the closest I have found to wheat based crust. I am just tired of paying $5 a bag!

Happy baking!

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