Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crock pot Applesauce

Our new house has nice size back yard and is surrounded by ...surprise, evergreen trees! Our neighbors on the other hand have been blessed with apple trees, red and transparent apples. My neighbor across the street, Pat, shared some of her transparent apples. Oh my golly, they made amazing applesauce! I had never made applesauce before, holly cow was it easy and yummy.
I took half of the batch camping with us over labor day with our friends the Smyer Family. Our first morning Rebekah served an insane amount of eggs and bacon to feed the masses. Between her family and our there were 12 in all. I served my apples as a side dish. Everyone thought it was apple pie filling! The large mason jar was empty before the bacon was all gone! :0)

The next door neighbor, Heather, has 2 types of apples, red and transparent. After I asked about her if I could have some of her apples she thanked me for reminding her she needed to make applesauce and preceded to pick them all. :0(

As for the red apples, Heather told me to help myself and I have! She thought the red ones were crab apples because they were so small but they are not. The red apples did not make very good applesauce I am sad to announce. I did skillet fry some this morning and they were OK.
My hands hurt.

I was not satisfied with them so I used the apples to make a Brown Betty. This was better but I do not think I would use them again. The next step I think will be the dehydrator I got off Freecycle and have yet to use. Sounds like an excuse to try it out.  The apples are super hard so apple rings strung in the basement is out.

Fried apples were good.
Brown Betty! 

I know I am rambling and whining about these apples! I am very happy we have been blessed with apples. The children are thankful because I am cooking again. :0) ( I do not cook much in hot weather.)  I am going to continue to explore my options and keep you posted!
** Make sure you check out the notes below the recipe.**


12-14 apples of your choice
1 C apple juice
1/2 salt
sugar in the raw or brown sugar

The apple measurement is NOT approximate. I filled my crock pot to the top. It might take more or less for yours.
When the crock pot was half full, I heavily sprinkled sugar in the raw and cinnamon over apples. I did this again once the crock pot was full. Mix salt into apple juice then pour over apples. Cover and cook 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low. If you are cooking through the night,  make sure to place the heat on low. You can actually burn your apples by keeping them on high too long. Then you will arise to a horrible smell and crock pot to clean.
If you are fast cooking, still keep an eye on your apples. After 2 hours stir apples. I wanted the apples on the top to make it to the bottom. You can tell how your apples are doing by trying to squishing apples on the side of the crock pot. If you are cooking these through the night, no worries. Stirring is not necessary.
These apples were heavenly to awaken to! I served scrabble eggs, bacon and toast broiled in the oven. My Grandma would be so proud. The kids loved it!
For those living in West Virginia and further South, watch for little June apples in Mid-June in the west they are called Shamrock apples. These are the best to fry with a little butter, and bacon grease. It is the closest thing to Heaven I will ever eat. :0)
May your table be bountiful of old fashion yumminess!

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