Monday, July 16, 2012

Pop Corn

Man, I love pop corn! I can eat it just about anytime of day. Same with our kiddo's.

Your probably thinking why is Blair writing about pop corn? Way back when, I thought microwave pop corn was the bomb! One day my destine to be my future Mother-In-Law, made stove top pop corn in olive oil. Zowie!! It was awesome. After that fateful bliss day, I always cook pop cornon the stove rather than the ichy bag stuff. 

Recently my pop corn world was rocked yet again! Sarah Elizabeth's BFF made pop corn in the microwave but not with the prepackaged, hydrogenated oil stuff. Just a simple brown bag or "poke" as my Grandma called it. Simplify at its best!

Microwave Pop Corn

1 brown flat bottomed lunch size paper bag
1/2 C pop corn kernels
Salt or seasonings
Earth Balance (optional)

Place pop corn in paper bag. Fold top of bag 2 times. Do not not use staples, twisty ties or anything to secure bag. The fold will hold during popping.

Place in microwave using the pop corn setting. Microwave times vary. Listen for when the popping slows. Be careful, DO NOT OVER COOK OR BURN! Your house will be very stinky and your taste buds will be very sad. You most likely will need to play around with the cooking time to get it just right with your microwave. Add seasons and enjoy!

Try these toppings for some gourmet popcorn fun:

  • Mexican: Add chili powder, hot sauce, and salt.
  • Kiss My Breath: Shake in onion powder and garlic powder — hold the kiss.
  • Cheese Please: Mix in Parmesan cheese with a little salt.
  • Sweet Tooth: A dash of cinnamon, a sprinkle of sugar, and a topper of honey. Now that’s money.
  • Classic: A shake of salt with a pat of butter.

May your table be bountiful~blair

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