Sunday, June 13, 2010

Udi's Bread~Can you say yum?!

There is no other way to describe GFCF bread, yuck! The texture is dry and hard. When you make toast you will need to get out the chain saw to cut the brick into slices. Oh and heaven forbid if it is over toasted someone might mistake it for a giant crouton!

Recently we attended Manna Mills GF open house. I was introduced to sooo many new GFCF products. They had a ton of samples. One of these was the most heavenly bread I had ever tasted. Udi's was light, airy, and tasted like homemade if you can believe it! I would not let the youngest sample till I knew for sure it was GFCF. I though that maybe this was a regular bread and accidently mixed up with the GFCF. The clerk reassured me. She then preceeded to tell me there are other products too! To the tune of dbl chocolate muffins, blueberry muffins and bagels.
          I snatched up a loaf and was so excited that the youngest could have peanut butter sandwiches for lunch again! Sticker shock got me the best of me when I went I checked out ~$5.50! For one loaf of bread? Is this some mistake?  Unfortunaltey there was not. I carefully carried the loaf of bread to the van and drove it home. When I arrived home I proceeded to announce that NO ONE eats this bread without permisson! My husband looked at me like I was nuts and the older daughter rolled her eyes.
          Later in the evening when crowd control was no longer needed, I looked up the Udi's website to check out this golden child bread. I found that there were even more products than what Manna Mills offered! But still extremely pricey. 4 muffins for $6~jenkies. I tried to justify the buffed price~ for instance, if you purchase a muffin at the grocery or bakery they are around $2 dollars each. Truthfully, I still had a hard time try to convience myself that $6 was NOT too much but it was not working. Sorry kids no $6 muffins for you!
           I am one of those grocery shoppers who shops at at least  3 different stores for our groceries: PCC, QFC, Fred Myers, and Manna Mills. I price compared and found that I could order a case of bread from Manna Mills. In doing so I was saving shipping plus received 10% off. That equals a loaf of free bread per case. I am all about saving money any chance I can!
Happy eating!

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