Friday, December 10, 2010

Could Corn be wrecking your GF diet?

The folks of at Gluten Free Society thinks so! For awhile now I have been thinking that this is the next thing to remove from our daughters diet. I watch like a hawk everything that goes in her mouth but she is still having issues with stomach pain.

The list of corn products is quite daunting actually. When I read this list I started feeling a bit anxious. As if we were going gf again for the 1st time! Here is the link to the list by Gluten Free Society. There are also links to 4 studies looking at corn V gf.

If you have found that corn has been wrecking havoc on your gf diet please share your story.

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deena said...

Interesting! I will have to ask my doctor about this. To my knowledge, corn isn't an issue with me.

OTOH, I have read several places that when the small intestine is damaged with celiac, the damage to the cilia sometimes prevents the digestion of milk, corn, and other common foods.